Posted on November 20, 2018 by Ilias Kiritsis

15 people had to be rescued, when the offshore support vessel, RAM XVIII, began to take on water, early in the morning of November the 18th.

The lift boat in question was located in the Gulf of Mexico, approximately 23 nautical miles west of Southwest Pass, Louisiana, when it started to exhibit problems with its power supply.

The vessel had begun listing at a 45-degree angle and was taking on water at a considerable rate, and due to the power outage, the vessel was unable to right itself and correct the list.

The local Coast Guard was then informed that the vessel’s crew of 15 was under danger due to water ingress.

To complicate matters, a steel tank filled with soap fell over the side, causing a considerable hazard to navigation.

Responding to the alert, the New Orleans Coast Guard immediately dispatched rescue teams, aboard a 45ft response boat and a MH-65 helicopter and issued an urgent marine information broadcast to the surrounding area.

The Coast Guard, alongside a good Samaritan vessel that had arrived on the scene, managed to successfully rescue the crew of 15 from the sinking lift boat.

At the time of the accident, the vessel had approximately 13,900 tons of diesel fuel onboard, but there’s currently no reports of a discharge.

Ram XVIII currently remains afloat, and salvage operations are underway.


Image Courtesy of US Coast Guard

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