Posted on August 29, 2018 by Ashleigh Cowie

Greek seamen have confirmed they will strike on Monday after a meeting over crew wages failed to reach an agreement.

The Panhellenic seamen's Federation (PSO) have announced the 24 hour strike will take place on Monday 3rd September, starting at 6am local time. 

A meeting today, 29th August, failed to agree wage increases for crews. 

The union requested a 5 percent increase for ferry crews after 8 years with no pay rises. However, the shipowners were only prepared to offer a 1 percent increase. 

The Greek Shipowners Association for Passenger Ships (SEEN) predict that the suspension of services will affect 180,000 passengers, 50,000 private vehicles and 3,000 trucks. 

It is expected the strike will cause serious disruption for both tourists and transportation of goods.

With regard to PSO’s wage increase demands, SEEN offered to renew the collective agreement under the same terms as despite significant cuts in other sectors due to economic troubles of the country Greek seafarers’ wages remained intact.

Ferry operations are expected to be fully suspended on Monday.

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