Posted on April 12, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

A crew member onboard the Palau-flagged General Cargo Vessel, Oasis III was murdered while the vessel was en route to the Alang ship-breaking yard.

According to the ship’s Captain, Mohammad Dayed, there was an altercation between the ship’s cook, one Abdul Hakim Mohsin and another crew member, Masel Mohammad Quaid.

Reportedly, during the altercation, Quad stabbed Mohsin repeatedly with a knife, killing him almost instantly.

According to the Police, following the incident, the Captain detained Quaid, placing him in a cabin, and moving Mohsin’s body inside a deep freezer.

The Captain proceeded to inform the Yemeni Embassy in India in regard to the murder on Sunday the 7th of April, as the vessel was approaching the coast of Bhavnagar.

Upon receiving the report, the local marine police visited the docked ship and proceeded to board the vessel and detain Quaid.

The police sub-inspector for Bhavnagar suggested that action will be taken against Quaid, as per international laws.

The Oasis III had originally left the coast of Yemen on February the 24th and docked off the Bhavnagar coast near the Alang ship-breaking yard on Sunday.

According to the ship’s registration information, the vessel is owned by UAE’s Oasis Global Marine Services.


Image Courtesy of Marine Traffic

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