Posted on November 15, 2018 by Ilias Kiritsis

A crewman aboard the Bermuda-flagged, German containership, Francop, died in an accident that took place during cargo operations, early in the morning of November 14th.

The vessel had just arrived in port, and the crew member, a Filipino national, was in the process of securing multiple containers together, when he fell and was crushed by a container that collapsed on top of him.  

Local Police and Emergency Services were called to the scene, at approximately 8:45 am, but unfortunately were unable to save the man’s life.

Jerry Brennan, a local port, docks and harbour organiser suggests the incident could have altogether been avoided, in a statement he gave to a local newspaper.

“This was a horrific incident. Working in the docklands is a dangerous work environment. The activity that the poor man was involved in was unregulated. There needs a European standard if not a global standard put in place to ensure that people are not put at risk. The seafarers have already put in their day's work so whenever they come into port they should be resting and not dealing with containers.  Lashing and securing should be done by dock workers who are familiar with the crane driver, it shouldn't be done by seafarers.”

Local authorities have opened an official investigation into the incident.


Image Courtesy of Marine Traffic

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