Posted on April 23, 2018 by Hannah Berry

The Boris Vilkitsky LNG tanker has broken a number of North Sea safety rules by sailing the route with known mechanical faults, whilst also failing to provide data relating to its speed, and co-ordinates.

The LNG tanker, which is sailing under a long-term charter contract serving the Yamal LNG project was transporting gas destined for the port of Sabetta when the Northern Sea Route Administration (NSR) noted the safety breach, which had caused a reduction in engine power.

A report by Bureau Veritas showed that the vessel, which was built in 2017 and is owned by Dyngas Holdings recorded inoperative stern thrusters and a port steering column problem prior to 30th March when it was sailing from Sabetta to Rotterdam.

The mechanical faults meant that the vessel was no longer deemed to comply with the specification set by the Russian Maritime Register and was unable to be classed as an Arc7 vessel.

De-classification to an Arc4 vessel meant the tanker was unable to transit the Kara Sea unaccompanied in the existing weather conditions.

Current reports have suggested that the tanker may have been detained, as it is currently anchored off Sabetta, but a WWF spokesman has said that a return journey may be possible.

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