Posted on September 02, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Philippine-flagged RoRo, MIKA MARI VIII capsized during the afternoon hours of August the 31st while offloading cargo at Camotes Island, Philippines.

The incident occurred at approximately 2:27 pm while the vessel was offloading cargo and passengers at the port of Consuelo.

According to initial reports, the incident occurred due to a truck that slipped on the cargo deck of the RoRO.

As a result, the RoRO proceeded to list to its side and started capsizing.

Reportedly, a number of crew members and alongside some passengers were thrown into the sea during the capsizing. Furthermore, when the vessel tipped, 4 cars were thrown overboard and sank in the waters surrounding the port.

At the time, there were 11 vehicles, 149 passengers and 18 crew onboard the vessel.

Upon receiving news of the incident, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) immediately dispatched the PCG vessel, BRP Suluan, alongside a quick response and environmental protection team in order to support the distressed vessel

According to Lt. JG Michael John Encina, a spokesperson for the PCG in Central Visayas, all passengers were evacuated safely from the vessel, however 5 people received injuries during the process.

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