Posted on June 15, 2018 by Hannah Berry

32 sailors were rescued when The Panama registered "Shine Luck" and Fiji registered "Winner 19" both found themselves caught in extreme weather conditions off the coast of Southern Taiwan on Thursday 14th June.

The Kaohsiung Coast Guard responded to a distress call at approx. 9.00pm and found that both oil tankers had run aground in shallow water near the Port of Kaohsiung. The vessels lost their moorings as a tropical low-pressure system brought gale-force winds and big waves to Pingtung County overnight.

Emergency services used a rescue helicopter and rope ladder to rescue the 18 crew members of the MT Shine Luck, who were trapped on board and completed that operation at 04.00am this morning.

A further 14 crew members, including the captain of the Fijian vessel, were rescued by the coast guard and fire crews who braved rough seas and high wind to evacuate the second tanker.

Conditions are still being monitored by the coast guard and Ministry of Transport who have stated that the ships are not listing and there is currently no signs of an oil leak. The oil tanker ‘Shine Luck’ had 200 kiloliters of oil on board, whilst ‘Winner 19’ had 44.32 kiloliters on board

The National Immigration Agency has provided all evacuated sailors with relevant visas and are working to solve any problems.

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