Posted on July 09, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

A massive amount of amphetamine (fenethylline) was seized from a container vessel docked in Piraeus, during a raid on June the 26th.

The drugs, which were concealed within hollows, carved into planks of fiberboard, were found in three different shipping containers.

It took the local authorities a number of weeks to fully completely the search and register the amount of amphetamines confiscated. According to Greece’s financial crime unit (SDOE), the authorities uncovered in total over 33 million pills, weighting at 5.25 tonnes with an estimated street value of over $660 million.

While the Greek authorities have revealed only limited details as to the incident and have chosen not to disclose the name of the vessel, what we do know, is that the shipment originated from Syria and was bound for China.

This raid was a joint operation between the Greece’s SDOE and the American Drug Enforcement Agency branch in Athens.

This is not the first such bust that has occurred in the port of Piraeus. Back in January, Greek authorities performed another such raid that uncovered over five million pills.

However, according to the officers present in the raid, this was the world’s largest single seizure of Captagon amphetamine.

An investigation has been launched to identify the individuals who assisted in smuggling the drug shipment in the first place

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