Posted on December 19, 2018 by Ilias Kiritsis

Police in South Africa arrested a 28-year-old Nigerian national in conjunction with the hijacking of the Dutch Cargo Ship, FWN Rapide, earlier this year.

Dutch authorities have asked South Africa for his extradition, in order to try the Nigerian for kidnapping, hostage taking, violence onboard a ship, hijacking, extortion and piracy.  

The attack on the vessel took place earlier in April this year, while the FWN Rapide was transiting from Ghana to Port Hancourt, Nigeria.

Eleven of the fourteen crewmembers of the FWN Rapide, were abducted following the attack ,and were held captive for more than a month.

The three remaining crewmembers had managed to stay well hidden and thus avoided capture by the pirates.

As soon as the pirates departed, they managed to sail the vessel to the coast and reach safety.

Following negotiations with ForestWave, the company that owns FWN Rapide, the pirates released the captive crewmen a month later, but ForestWave refused to say whether ransom had been paid or not.

Shortly after the kidnapping, the Dutch authorities started a criminal investigation and issued an international investigation order against the attackers.

The pirate in question was arrested early last month while travelling in South Africa.

Local authorities did not want to announce his arrest until the extradition process had been completed, but due to a media leak, the prosecutor’s office issued an announcement as to his arrest.


Image Courtesy of Marine Traffic

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