Posted on December 03, 2018 by Ilias Kiritsis

Danish containership, Cap San Marco, was attacked and boarded by pirates, early in the morning of December the 2nd, as it was approaching the port of Santos, Brazil.

The vessel was sailing through the south coast of Sao Paulo and was 20 kilometres from its final destination of Santos, when it got attacked.

5 armed individuals aboard a speed boat approached the vessel and climbed on board. The deckhand on duty at the time, a Filipino sailor, was taken by surprise and was tied up by the interlopers.

After spending approximately 45 minutes on the vessel, the crew noticed the pirates onboard, who then proceeded to flee the scene.

Local authorities believe the attackers were trying to bring cocaine on board, in an effort to smuggle it into Europe, which was the Cap San Marco’s next port of call.

Following an extensive search of the vessel, local police located one container which was loaded with over 400 kilos of cocaine.

However, the container in question, was inside the hold and stacked among many others, which couldn’t be accessed by the attackers without first moving other containers in the process.

Authorities believe the container was loaded in the vessel’s previous port of call, Paranagua.

Currently, no arrests have been made in connection to the drug bust.


Image Courtesy of Marine Traffic

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