Posted on November 29, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

A petition has started, calling for the release of Captain Andrzej Lasota who was arrested by Mexican authorities in the port of Altamira on August the 5th, over alleged drug trafficking charges.

The petition, which has the support of the Secretary-General of InterManager, Captain Kuba Szymanski, has called for the release of the shipmaster, urging the President of Poland, Andrej Duda to interject on his behalf.

Captain Lasota was originally arrested back in early August, allegedly due to his negligence, involving the smuggling of drugs that could place the citizens of Mexico at risk.

The vessel had been undergoing cargo operations, when the 2nd Officer of the UBC Savannah, noticed over 240 kilograms of cocaine, smuggled deep in the ship’s ore cargo hold.

The 2nd Officer then proceeded to inform the 1st Officer, who then contacted Captain Lasota over the matter. At that point, the Master immediately suspended cargo operations and reported the incident to the Mexican authorities, who proceeded to arrest the entire crew.

Thankfully, the crew of the UBC Savannah was released in time, over three and a half months after the incident. However, it seems that Mexican authorities have no plans to release the ship’s Master anytime soon.

There are reports suggesting that he has not been given basic access to prescribed medicines, and over the last few months he has been repeatedly hospitalized as his health has taken a turn for the worst.

If convicted of the crimes that he is charged with, Captain Lasota could face a potential of up 20 years in jail.

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