Posted on April 25, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Over 2.2 tons of Cocaine was found onboard the Liberian-flagged Container Ship, MSC Carlotta during an inspection that took place in the Peruvian port of Callao on the 23rd of April.


Local authorities in Peru intercepted the Antwerp-bound vessel during a stopover in Callao, near the Peruvian capital of Lima.


After an extensive search of the vessel, they located a total of 2,202.390 kilograms of cocaine hidden under a shipment of polypropylene bags destined for Belgium.


After examination, authorities determined that over 1851 packages of cocaine had been smuggled in the vessel, in form of bricks, inside 64 bags. Initial chemical testing revealed that the substance in the packages was cocaine hydrochloride.


Reportedly, according to Peruvian authorities, the need to check the vessel came about after they discovered that the ship would be sailing through Panama in order to reach Belgium.


Initial reports suggest that the drugs were smuggled onboard the vessel while the ship was docked at the Chilean port city of San Antonio.


Peruvian authorities have opened an investigation into the incident and have called on the ship Captain to act as a witness.

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