Posted on February 06, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Master of the STI Guard, a Marshall Islands-flagged Crude Oil Tanker owned by Scorpio Tankers, got injured following an altercation with a crewmember.

The incident took place on the 4th of February, while the vessel was transiting through the Indian Ocean, some 300 nautical miles southwest of Reunion.

The Regional Operational Monitoring and Rescue Center (CROSS) of Reunion Island, received notification as to the incident at approximately 09:35 am on Monday morning.

The STI Guard’s crew reported that the Master of the vessel was in critical condition following a stabbing attack that took place on board.

According to CROSS, the victim had sustained two stab wounds to the upper body during the attack.

CROSS Reunion then proceeded to consult with medical advisors from Toulouse, France, where the medical consultation center (CCMM) for CROSS is located.

Medical evacuation was suggested, considering the urgency of the situation, however, the STI Guard was at least 30 nautical miles out of range of CROSS Reunion’s helicopter service.

The vessel changed its course and headed towards Reunion, while a doctor from CCMM provided advice to the crew, in order to help preserve the Captain’s life.

At approximately 06:00 am on the following morning, a national police helicopter from Reunion arrived at the location of the STI Guard, some 20 nautical miles off the island’s coast.

The helicopter delivered a medical team on the vessel that prepped the Captain for transport before evacuating him to the Bellepierre Hospital in Reunion.

In the meantime, the attacker was restrained and held on board. Because the altercation occurred in international waters, Marshall Islands have jurisdiction over the actual investigation.

On Wednesday morning the STI Guard departed Reunion, bound for its original destination of Singapore.


Image Courtesy of Marine Traffic

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