Posted on April 08, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

An accident during a bunkering operation aboard the Panama-flagged Container Ship, MSC Sandra, led to a significant oil spill.

The incident occurred in the evening of April the 5th, during a refuelling operation in the port of Sines, Portugal.

The oil spill occurred at approximately 11:30 pm, as the Spanish-flagged bunker tanker BAHIA TRES was busy pumping fuel into the MSC Sandra.

While initial reports suggest that over 3 tons of fuel spilt into the port, subsequent statements from the local port authority suggest that the actual amount is closer to 250kg.

“According to the information from Civil Protection, the approximate value of the spill should be around 250kg,” said the Mayor of Sines, Nuno Mascarenhas in a statement.

Thankfully, the port authority of Port Sines launched immediate contingency measures, including the placing of barriers around the site, in order to contain and collect the spilt fuel, thus rapidly decreasing the environmental impact of the spill.

Currently, there is clean-up operation in progress on the wharf under the supervision of the local Maritime Police and Sines Port Authority.

Furthermore,  an investigation has been launched by the local maritime authority and the public ministry so as to discover the cause behind the incident.  


Image Courtesy of Marine Traffic

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