Posted on March 25, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Norwegian Cruise Ship, Viking Sky suffered an engine failure in heavy storm conditions in the afternoon of March the 23rd.

The incident occurred at approximately 14:20 LT, as the ship was transiting off the coast of Farstad, Norway.

The ship had been caught in fairly rough weather, with waves reaching up to 8 meters in height.

Reportedly, the storm proceeded to rip large panels and doors off the outside of the ship, while passengers inside had to contend with furniture being thrown everywhere, causing injuries to both passengers and crew.

The situation was further complicated, as the ship’s engine was disabled. The cruise ship came to within 100 metres of being grounded, before they managed to successfully restart one of the engines, narrowly escaping disaster.

The vessel was forced to drop anchor and issue a distress signal, requesting immediate evac for the 1300 passengers onboard the vessel.

Norwegian rescue services immediately rushed to the scene, with 5 helicopters and several vessels, and managed to airlift 479 individuals from the cruise ship, many of whom were injured and required immediate medical attention.

Thankfully, in the morning of March  24th, the Viking Sky managed to regain partial engine power and sailed to Molde harbour, while being supported by two supply ships and a tug.

At the time, there were 436 guests and 458 crew remaining on board the ship.

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