Posted on September 18, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

A North Korean vessel attacked a Russian Border Patrol ship operating in the Sea of Japan, wounding three Russian crewmembers in the process.

On September the 17th, Moscow released a statement via their Federal Security Service (FSB), claiming that they had been attacked by two DPRK ships that had been found poaching in Russia’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

“The crew of a North Korean vessel [with over 45 people onboard] carried out an armed attack on the members of a monitoring group of the border guards’ ship. Three servicemen received various injuries,” reads the FSB statement.

According to the FSB statement, the Russian patrol came across a number of North Korean vessels, fishing illegally off its eastern coast, and proceeded to detain one of the vessels, when the second one started opening fire.

As a result, Russia has now proceeded to seize both vessels, detaining over 80 North Koreans in the process.

The vessels have been taken to the Russian port of Nakhodka.

The Russian state-run news agency, RIA news reported that their Foreign Ministry is planning to summon a high-ranking diplomatic representative from North Korea in order to discuss the incident.

“Today, the DPRK charge d’affaires in the Russian Federation will be summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry in connection with the situation with the detention of North Korean schooners engaged in poaching in the Russian exclusive economic zone,”  reads the statement from the  Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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