Posted on April 30, 2018 by Ashleigh Cowie

Maritime's top executives have drafted a charter to push for greater gender equality across UK maritime companies. The Women in Maritime Taskforce want to see changes in the role of women across shipping, ports, services, engineering and leisure marine. 

In February this year, ARX Maritime reported on the significant difference between the levels of men and women in the industry, and the new taskforce that had been launched to address the issue.  

The chair of the taskforce, Sue Terpilowski said: 

"The world of work is changing and that is evident in the number of women running global corporations and yet there is still a reluctance to accept that women can handle the jobs many still consider to be ‘male-orientated.’ Well they need to think again: women have been at sea, working in ports and in maritime engineering roles for as long as men. Now would be a good time to open that acceptance door a lot wider. The Women in Maritime Taskforce will deliver on the promise".

The charter is taking on the advise of the Women in Finance Charter, led by Virgin Money and HM Treasury, and the non-profit Women in Transport framework.

As well as encouraging more women to join the industry, the charter want to build the engagement that the industry has with women already in the maritime sector. 

They have outlined a number of goals that companies can pledge to achieve, and have guidelines to help these companies deliver on the aim. 

Maritime companies are encouraged to sign up to a ‘principles document’ to show their intended commitment to the programme, to be launched at Seaworks in Southampton from July 3-5.

Maritime UK director Ben Murray said: “The charter will help deliver real change, and companies across the sector are looking forward to joining as signatories.”

The charter will initially be directed towards  the National Council of Maritime UK, before opening for others to sign up. These companies will then face an annual assessment to ensure that the pledge is maintained. 

Other plans include an annual award programme to recognise the companies that have improved the most.

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