Posted on November 14, 2018 by Ilias Kiritsis

In what is an unprecedented turn of events, 17 migrants managed to reach the English coast after commandeering a French fishing crawler, during the evening hours of November 13th.

The migrants, allegedly all Iranians and including 3 minors, boarded the stolen vessel at the French port of Boulogne-sur-Mer near Calais, before making an overnight trip to Dover.

The alarm was raised when French authorities noticed the bizarre movement of the fishing boat, which had apparently strayed away from traditional fishing grounds and was heading towards the English coast.

The French in turn contacted their British counterparts, who attempted to communicate with the vessel, but to no avail.

French authorities then contacted the boat’s owner who immediately rushed to the port, only to discover that his ship was missing.

The UK Border Force apprehended the migrants as their boat reached Dover, a little after midnight on the 13th of November.

According to a government spokesman, the minors have all been referred to social services; the government will make sure that the asylum cases of the migrants will be heard.  

This latest incident is rather unprecedented and marks a clear escalation as far as traditional migrant practices are concerned.

Authorities suggest that the recent clamp-down on migrant activity in Calais has forced potential migrants towards new and more desperate avenues.  

Time will tell if this is a one-off incident or a potential shift in migrant behavioural patterns.

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