Posted on November 26, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Mexican Navy has seized over 120kg of cocaine that had been smuggled on board the Bahamas-flagged Bulk Carrier, DELPHI RANGER on November the 21st upon its arrival on the port of Altamira.

The ship had arrived from the port of Barranquilla, Colombia at approximately 04:00 am in the morning. As soon as the vessel arrived at the port, the Mexican Navy went on to carry out a routine inspection of the vessel, during which they discovered the drugs stashed inside the ship's ore cargo hold. 

More specifically, the Navy uncovered 6 sacks, each weighing between 22 and 24 kilograms, filled with 134 packages of cocaine.

This event marks the 4th time this year that local authorities find drugs stashed in the cargo hold of ore carriers that enter the port of Altamira.

Back in July 21st,  Altamiran authorities seized over 225 kg of cocaine during a similar inspection, while on August 31st, the Mexican Navy had seized a 120kg smuggled inside another ore carrier.

A final seizure occurred during September the 7th when authorities found 120 kilos hidden inside the cargo holds of a bulk carrier.

This year to date, Mexican authorities have seized over half a ton of cocaine hidden inside ore carriers entering the port of Altamira.


Image Courtesy of Marine Traffic.

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