Posted on August 26, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

A massive fire erupted on the Indonesian-flagged RoRo, KM SANTIKA NUSANTARA during the early morning hours of August the 23rd while the vessel was transiting through the Java Sea.

The incident occurred at approximately 03:00 in the morning, near Masalembu Islands, Indonesia while the vessel was en-route from Surabaya to Balikpapan.

At the time of the fire, the vessel was carrying 290 passengers, including six children, fiver toddlers, and 83 vehicles.

The extent of the fire was catastrophic. Several local ferries were rerouted to support the evacuation attempts alongside a number of fishermen.

Over 309 people were successfully rescued, but regrettably, at least 4 passengers died during the incident.

According to initial reports, the ship was filled overcapacity, and the number of passengers far exceeded the actual ship manifest, which only had 111 passengers recorded as being onboard the vessel.

The Search & Rescue operation is still on-going, as local authorities are unsure as to the number of people that were initially on the vessel.

The operation is being supported by Indonesian Navy vessels and aircraft.

Salvaging operations have started on the vessel, and a tug has been dispatched in order to bring the KM Santika Nusantara to the port of Gresik.

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