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Weekly Maritime Piracy Security Report -  12th to the 18th of October

Weekly Maritime Piracy Report - October 12th to 18th


1st Incident


Category: Boarding/Robbery

Date: 5th of October

Location: Lagos Secure Anchorage Area, Nigeria

Position: 06:17.2N – 003:13.8E


An anchored Product Tanker was boarded during the early morning hours of October the 5th, while anchored at the Lagos Secure Anchorage Area, Nigeria. At approximately 02:00 am UTC, a Duty security patrol onboard the tanker noticed three robbers on the forecastle and immediately informed the Officer on Watch who proceeded to raise the alarm.

Upon noticing the alarm, the robbers escaped without stealing anything.

The incident was then reported to the Nigerian Navy, who proceeded to dispatch a patrol boat to investigate further. Vessel & crew are considered safe. 


2nd Incident


Category: Boarding/Robbery

Date: 5th of October

Location: Johor Anchorage, Malaysia

Position: 01:18.14N – 104:07.03E


The Norwegian-flagged Tankship, CLIPPER EOS was robbed during the evening hours of October the 5th while anchored at Johor Anchorage, Malaysia.

A number of individuals boarded the vessel, unnoticed by the crew, and stole a number of ship properties before escaping. The duty crew on the next routine rounds noticed the theft and proceeded to notify the Officer on Watch who then ordered a full search of the vessel.

The theft was then reported to the Malaysian Marine Police. Vessel & crew are considered safe. 


3rd Incident


Category: Boarding/Robbery

Date: 8th of October

Location: Pointe Noire Anchorage, Congo

Position: 04:45.4S - 011:49.7E


An anchored research vessel was robbed during the late evening hours of October the 8th while anchored at Congo's Pointe Noire Anchorage. The Master of the vessel heard a sound coming from the front of the vessel and noticed one unknown individual onboard. The Master shouted at the interloper and he proceeded to escape. An Emergency Alarm was raised, and the crew mustered. 

Following the incident, a boat was seen departing the vessel, loaded with the ship's stolen stores.

Vessel & crew are considered safe. 


4th Incident


Category: Boarding/Aggravated Robbery

Date: 12th of October

Location: Port Au Prince Anchorage, Haiti

Position: 18:33.9N – 072:23.2W


A vessel was robbed shortly after midnight on October the 12th while anchored at Haiti's Port Au Prince Anchorage. At approximately 00:10 UTC, a Duty AB onboard the ship was taken hostage by a group of attackers armed with guns and long knives. However, the ship's alarm was raised and the crew mustered. Having noticed the alerted crew members, the boarding party escaped, carrying with them the stolen ship properties.

The incident was reported to the Pilot Station. Vessel & crew are considered safe. 



ARX Maritime provide commercial risk management for vessels trading in high-risk areas, making sure that vessels adopt and implement the best risk management practices.

As part of this service, ARX Maritime have designed the ABaC (anti-boarding and climbing) system. An anti-piracy barrier solution that denies pirates from boarding vessels that are vulnerable to attack in areas of high risk. The ARX ABaC system is designed to repel grappling hooks and ladders, significantly increasing the chances of company vessels and crew surviving unwanted pirate aggression. The ARX ABaC system is easily installed and provides a cost-effective alternative to razor wire.

For more information contact the ARX team on +44 1313170048 or at enquiries@arx

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