Posted on May 08, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

A New Zealand family was attacked by pirates during the early morning hours of May the 3rd, while their yacht was transiting through the Guna Yala district of Panama.

The incident occurred some 2 nautical miles northeast of San Ignacio de Tupile, at approximately 07:30 am UTC.

According to local media, one New Zealand man died during the incident. Regrettably, both his wife and little daughter were injured in the attack but managed to survive. 

The dead man is one Alan Culverwell, a former paua diver from Picton, New Zealand.

Reportedly, the family heard a noise on the roof of their yacht and the man went out to investigate only to encounter the three pirates who had boarded the ship.

Wielding machetes and rifles, the aggressors proceeded to shoot the 60-year old man dead. His wife received a deep machete wound to her upper arm, while their daughter received machete injuries to her head and arm.

Panamanian authorities have identified the two individuals who attacked the vessel as Leandro Herrera and Avelino Arosemena. A third individual, reportedly a minor, has also been associated with the attack but his identity remains undisclosed at this time.

They wasted no time in charging the two individuals with aggravated homicide, robbery, criminal association and mistreatment of a minor.


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