Posted on June 25, 2018 by Hannah Berry

Oil Freighter Bow Jubail punctured its hull at The Port of Rotterdam on Saturday 23rd June resulting in the loss of 220 tons of heavy fuel oil.

The Norwegian tanker crashed into the quay whilst mooring, breaching the hull adjacent to the freighter’s fuel tanks.

The spill was initially contained with shields, but several tons have now escaped and leaked into the harbour’s waterways.

Bow Jubail’s owner Odjfell issued an immediate statement offering their full corporation to Dutch Authorities.

“Odfjell apologizes for the unfortunate event and views it as very serious. Together with Gard, Odfjell will collaborate with Dutch authorities to ensure that the necessary resources are available to limit the consequences of oil spillage.” The company has also set up an accident commission to investigate the incident. The commission will cooperate with the Dutch authorities.

Authorities at the port have launched a clean-up operation, which is expected to take days, if not weeks according to one source. Volunteers and environmental groups have also offered their assistance to help save up to 1,000 birds which have been covered in oil from the spill.

Dutch authorities have started an investigation in to the cause of the incident and have said that they will hold Odjfell, the owner of the freighter responsible for the damages incurred at the port. They have also warned that marinas in the port area are currently cordoned off to prevent the oil spill from spreading further, whilst beaches near Rotterdam are at risk of contamination.

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