Posted on May 02, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The six seafarers that were kidnapped from the Palau-flagged product tanker Apecus are still considered missing.

Of the six kidnapped seafarers, five are Indian nationals and their families are calling on the Indian government to secure the release of their relatives.

The seafarers were kidnapped in the afternoon of April 19th, at approximately 13:30 hours. Nigerian pirates boarded the vessel while she was anchored just off the coast of Bonny Island, abducted six seafarers and escaped before the Nigerian Navy could track them down.

It took the Indian government a bit more than three weeks to respond to the families of the victims.

The wife of Sudeep Kumar Choudhury, an officer in the Merchant Navy that was among the kidnapping victims pleaded with the Indian Government online.

“It is already more than 12 days and yet no exact updates on how and where they are. When can we talk with our family members? All the families are eagerly waiting to listen to their voice. I am eagerly waiting to hear my husband’s voice,” she said in her tweet.

The Indian Government responded to her tweet but failed to produce any significant information.

"Mission is in very close touch with Nigerian Navy and police for last ten days as per SOP. Concerned parties have made initial contact. Caution is of utmost importance for everyone's safety," was the answer from the Indian High Commission in Nigeria.

Thankfully, Capt Sanjay Parashar, chairman of the International Maritime Federation has been in contact with the families of the kidnapping victims in order to provide them with whatever assistance they need.


Image Courtesy of Marine Traffic

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