Posted on August 12, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Iranian state media issued a statement on August the 4th, in regard to the seizure of yet another Oil Tanker transiting through the Persian Gulf. This latest event marks the third seizure of a foreign vessel by Iran in a month.

According to the Iranian news agency, Fars, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) detained the tanker in the evening of Wednesday the 31st of July.

The news agency reported that the IRGC seized the tanker, detained its crew and confiscated almost 700,000 litres of fuel from the vessel.

The vessel has not been named yet but is believed to be Iraqi in origin. It was seized near the island of Farsi before being taken to the port of Bushehr in south-western Iran.

“The IRGC's naval forces have seized a foreign oil tanker in the Persian Gulf that was smuggling fuel for some Arab countries.

"The boats of the IRGC navy were patrolling the area to control traffic and detect illicit trade when they seized the tanker. 

"It carried 700,000 litres of fuel. Seven sailors onboard of the tanker, who are from different nationalities, were detained. The tanker was transferred to the Bushehr port, where its fuel was handed over to the authorities,” said  Ramezan Zirahi, an IRGC commander during his statement on national TV.

However, Iraq’s oil ministry has gone on record to deny the claim of oil smuggling and mentioned that they do not export diesel in the international market.

Seven crew members are now being held by Iran, but their nationalities have not been disclosed as of yet.

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