Posted on May 17, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Cyprus-flagged product tanker, BEETHOVEN collided with a pier in the Brunsbuettel lock shortly after midnight on May the 16th.

At approximately 00:30 am local time, the product tanker collided with the pier while leaving the lock.

Three dolphins and the pier were damaged in the collision, but the tanker itself only sustained minor scratches.

Following the collision, the tanker was taken to an anchorage for investigation.

Local authorities initially believed that the collision occurred due to a technical failure, but after boarding the vessel, they discovered that the Captain smelled of alcohol.

They proceeded to conduct a breathalyser test and found that the Captain had an alcohol level of 2.97 per thousand.  

The police immediately ordered a blood sample to be taken and issued a 2500 euro fine.

The inebriated Captain will now have to appear before a court, having been accused of endangering shipping traffic.

The vessel was detained until the Captain had slept off the effects of alcohol. Having sobered up, the Captain was then allowed to continue sailing towards the vessel’s next port of call.

Image Courtesy of Marine Traffic

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