Posted on October 03, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Indonesian government has finally managed to locate the sinking site of the MV Nur Allya, which disappeared some six weeks ago while transiting through the Indonesian Archipelago.

The Indonesian-flagged Cargo Ship had been carrying a cargo of nickel ore when it went missing, prompting fears of cargo liquefaction, which, unfortunately, turned out to be true.

Back in August the 20th the vessel owner lost all contact with the cargo ship, which was crewed by 25 seafarers at the time.

The Indonesian government proceeded to go on full alert, coordinating several different teams in order to locate the missing vessel.

A massive search & rescue operation was launched, which was coordinated by the National Transportation Commission (NTSC), with the assistance of the Centre for Marine Geological Research and Development (P3GL) and the ESDM Research and Development Agency.

The search finally started to bear fruits when the SAR team discovered a damaged lifeboat belonging to the Nur Allya in the coast of Gambaru village, in the region of South Obi.

From there on, they managed to locate the missing vessel using a Pinger Locator that successfully captured the sound of the sunken vessel. The site of the sinking was determined to be directly north of the Island of Buru, in the Maluku Region of the Halmahera Sea, in the heart of the Indonesian Archipelago.

Unfortunately, no crew have been located so far. Given the nature of the accident, it is fair to assume that none managed to escape the sinking vessel.


Image Courtesy of Marine Traffic



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