Posted on October 29, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Over 20 Fishing Vessels operating in the Arabian Sea on October the 27th & 28th were caught in the middle of the Cyclone Kyarr and have sent out distress signals en masse, calling out for assistance from local authorities. In particular, the Indian-flagged Fishing Vessel, VAISHNO DEVI MATA which had been operating in the vicinity of 18 40N 071 00E was caught in rough seas and promptly capsized off the west coast of Mumbai.

The vessel initially developed engine failure and was starting to take on water, having experienced rough seas and wind speeds of up to 48 knots.

Thankfully, the Indian Navy managed to rescue the 17 seafarers that had been working onboard the Devi Mata.

The Indian Frigate, INS Teg, had been en route back to India, having been deployed in the Arabian Sea, when they received the distress call from the sinking vessel.

They immediately diverted their course and managed to arrive in time to rescue the distressed fishermen. The Devi Mata fully sank a few moments after the last of the seafarers was onboard the navy frigate.

Thankfully, the seafarers did not suffer any injuries and are apparently all in good health.

Cyclone Kyarr, which is expected to potentially turn into a severe cyclonic storm has caused trouble for vessels transiting in the region.

The Indian Coast Guard has issued weather warnings, urging seafarers to remain at port if at all possible. The ICG has increased their search and rescue attempts, having deployed 10 vessels, four Dornier aircraft and two helicopters in order to locate and assist the distressed fishing vessels.

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