Posted on September 24, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

On September the 19th, the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) intercepted a Myanmarese vessel transiting through the Nicobar Islands, seizing over $42 million in ketamine in the process.

The vessel was first detected by an ICG aircraft during a routine surveillance flight on September the 18th.

The drug-smuggling ship had been transiting through the Indian EEZ, in the vicinity of Car Nicobar. Upon discovery, the ICG cutter Rajveer was tasked with intercepting and investigating the vessel.

When the cutter asked the suspicious vessel to stop, the drug-smuggling ship attempted to evade the cutter. In the end, the cutter managed to stop the vessel and proceeded to carry out an inspection.

Following the search, the ICG boarding team recovered a total of 57 bags of ketamine from the vessel, weighing in at 1,160 kilos, with an estimated street value of$42 million.

The two vessels then proceeded to sail towards Port Blair, but the Myanmarese vessel began taking on water, and despite the best efforts to keep it afloat, proceeded to sink during the afternoon of September the 20th.

Myanmar ranks as the world’s top drug-producing country; they rank first in the creation of methamphetamines, and they‘re the second-largest grower of opium poppies, behind Afghanistan.

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