Posted on June 05, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

According to Hungarian police, the confirmed death toll from the Danube River vessel collision has risen to 12.

The body of a South Korean man was located on Tuesday, some 60 kilometres downstream from the scene of the accident, while another body was found, some 70 kilometres south of Budapest, near the village of Kulcs.

Furthermore, two more bodies were found, near the scene of the accident; both were confirmed as South Korean nationals.

The SAR team managed to locate the body of an additional man and pulled him through a window of the wreck.

So far, the number of presumed deaths in the accident is totalling 28, however, only 12 bodies have been located so far.

The search & rescue operation has been severely hampered by the adverse conditions in the area.

On June the 3rd, as part of a joint mission between Hungary and South Korea, four divers were sent to the wreck, in order to further investigate the sunken vessel.

However, even though the water levels in the area had dropped over the last few days, the divers reported zero visibility and strong underwater currents that made it extremely difficult to continue surveying the wreck.

A large floating crane is currently en route to Budapest, in order to attempt and lift the Hableany off the riverbed.  

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