Posted on November 28, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Thailand-flagged General Cargo Vessel, NORDANA SOPHIE started experiencing water ingress and began to sink during the early morning hours of November the 28th, while the vessel was transiting off the coast of Vietnam

The incident occurred some 5 nautical miles off the Son Duong Port, at approximately 04:00 am in the morning, while the vessel was en route to the Ha Tinh province of Vietnam.

Due to unknown reasons, the vessel started experiencing water ingress, which quickly flooded the engine room and caused the ship to list dangerously to one side.

The 18 crew members aboard the Nordana Sophie, all Thai nationals, were forced to evacuate the rapidly sinking ship, as the Master of the vessel issued a distress call.

Upon receiving the news, the Ha Tinh Port Authority coordinated with other local maritime agencies to launch a Search & Rescue operation. In all, 3 rescue vessels were dispatched to the area to aid the distressed seafarers.

By the afternoon of November, the 28th, all 18 seafarers aboard the Nordana Sophie had been successfully evacuated and are considered to be in good health.

Currently, authorities are conducting a salvaging operation in order to avoid the risk of the vessel sinking entirely. Furthermore, pollution controls have been put in place in order to limit the potential risk of an oil spill.

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