Posted on October 07, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Maltese-flagged Cruise Ship, PRINZESSIN ISABELLA, collided with the Panama-flagged General Cargo vessel, BLUE STAR I during the early morning hours of October the 5th while transiting through the Danube.

The incident occurred at approximately 05:00 am in the morning while the vessels were sailing near the city of Tulcea, located in the Dobruja region of Romania.

The Blue Star had been proceeding upstream towards Galati while the Isabella had left Vienna and was heading towards Tulcea when the collision occurred.

As a result, the Isabella suffered major damages on its starboard midship section. At least seven cabins on the Passenger ship were severely damaged and will need to undergo extensive repair work.


In addition, two passengers suffered injuries in the accident and had to be hospitalized. Thankfully their injuries were non-life threatening.

Following the collision, the Isabella proceeded to berth at Tulcea, while the Blue Star anchored upstream from the accident site.

There’s little information as to how the collision came to be at this point in time.  The cargo ship doesn’t appear to have received any damages during the incident.

At the time of the collision, there were 165 passengers on board the Isabella.

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