Posted on October 29, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

A gas explosion occurred on board the Singapore-flagged Capesize bulk carrier, CAPE INDIA during the afternoon hours of October the 28th as the vessel was transiting through the Makassar Strait.

The incident occurred while the vessel was transiting off the coast of Indonesia, at approximately 1700 hours.

There’s currently limited information as to what caused the explosion. Unfortunately, one crewmember was severely injured during the incident.

Following the explosion, the Master of the vessel proceeded to contact the Bassarnas Command Center in Indonesia, in order to request an immediate medevac.

Two vessels were dispatched and met with the Cape India, which had diverted its course towards Balikpapan, at 04:00 am in the morning the next day.

By 05:40 am, the crew member had been successfully evacuated, as he was lowered down from the bulk carrier from a height of ten meters into the medevac vessel.

Unfortunately, however, the seafarer died while en route to Balikpapan, Indonesia. As is protocol, he was escorted to the hospital and declared dead on arrival.

The dead seafarer has been identified as one He Fengzhi, a 26-year-old Chinese national.


Image Courtesy of Marine Traffic

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