Posted on July 15, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Panama-flagged Container Ship, SOUL OF LUCK, crashed into a pier at Indonesia’s Semarang Port, before hitting the berthed Indonesian-flagged Cargo Ship, KM CERIA 8.

The incident occurred at approximately 17:00 LT, during the afternoon of July the 14th. The vessel had just arrived at Semarang Port from Port Klang, Malaysia, and was in the process of moving through the TPKS Container Terminal when it collided with the pier.

Upon collision with the pier, the vessel proceeded to crash against a massive gantry crane, causing heavy damage to its structure and causing it to collapse onto nearby container trucks that had been parked near the site.  

Following the collapse of the crane, the container ship continued moving down the pier, crashing against the nearby berthed Cargo Ship, KM Ceria 8.

Thankfully no fatalities were reported as a result of the catastrophic collision. A truck driver that was located near the crashed crane had to be hospitalized, having received minor injuries during the accident.

There is currently no information as to the reasons behind the accident. Local authorities have opened an investigation as to the cause of the collision; initial reports suggest that they are focusing their attention on the tug boats KT Jayanedara 304, and KT Jayanedara 201 that are being run by port operator Pelindo 3.

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