Posted on February 21, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

French ferry, Breizh Nevez, was serving the Groix-Lorient line when it struck a rock in the morning of February the 19th.

The incident occurred at approximately 07:30 am near the citadel of Port Louis, Morbihan, France.

The ferry had left Groix Island at 6:30 am with 38 passengers and a crew of 8 members onboard.

During the journey, the vessel struck a rock and proceeded to show signs of water ingress.

Following the breach, the Captain called for assistance from local vessels.

A batobous operating in the area approached the ferry and proceeded to evacuate the passengers, approximately 15 minutes after the call was first made.

No injuries were reported following the collision.

Haze and poor visibility are considered as the contributing factor behind the accident.

The ferry was later on towed to the commercial port of Lorient where it underwent a thorough examination.

Several breaches were located on the ferry, one of which was 30 cm-long.

The service between Groix and Lorient was successfully resumed later in the day with the aid of a reserve boat.

Local authorities have begun an investigation into the incident and will be taking statements from the Captain & crew.


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