Posted on August 12, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Four crewmembers onboard a bulk carrier got critically injured after a breaking wave hit the side of the vessel. The incident occurred on August 6th as the ship was entering Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

The four seafarers, all Filipino nationals, were severely injured in the process. More specifically, according to the National Sea Rescue Center (NSRI) in Port Elizabeth, one seafarer experienced significant injuries, with fractures to the jaw, hip, clavicle and neck.

A second crewmember experienced a fractured femur and hip, while a third crewmember fractured his Tibia. Finally, another seafarer experiencing sustained bruising to his head.

The bulk carrier’s onboard medical team provided support to the injured seafarers before contacting NSRI Port Elizabeth, who sent the sea rescue craft, Spirit of Toft to assist the vessel.

Upon arrival to Port Elizabeth, the four injured seafarers were stabilized before being transferred to nearby medical facilities for immediate hospitalization.

According to the ambulance crews at the scene, their condition at the time was deemed serious but stable.


The bulk carrier has not been identified at this time.


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