Posted on November 09, 2018 by Ilias Kiritsis

Four fishermen have been rescued after their fishing vessel capsized in the English Channel due to strong gale winds, in the afternoon of November 7th.

According to the UK’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency, they received a call at about 4pm on Wednesday afternoon from a merchant ship that had come across the overturned vessel east of Eastbourne.

At the same time, HM Coastguard had also received a distress alert coming the fishing vessel’s EPIRB.

Two of the fishermen were reportedly in the sea, and thus in danger of being washed away due to the strong winds and high waves present in the area. Thankfully, an HM Coastguard search & rescue helicopter airlifted the two fishermen who had to be treated for exposure.

The remaining two fishermen had found refuge on top of the ship’s hull and were safely rescued by the passing merchant ship that had rushed to the scene.


The fishermen were then taken to the Dover Coastguard station where they were treated by paramedics. Thankfully, there was no need to hospitalise any of the rescued fishermen.

“This was a very successful outcome to what could have been a tragic one. There was a huge effort to rescue these four men in near gale force conditions in the English Channel. Thankfully, all four fishermen have been picked up and despite being cold and wet are otherwise safe and well.” said Kaimes Beaslye, Duty Controller for the HM Coastguard.

ARX Maritime recommends that all vessels make sure they adhere to the SOLAS convention at all times and that their vessels are equipped with the recommended safety equipment.

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