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The crew of general cargo ship, FWN Rapide were kidnapped by pirates off the coast of Bonny, Nigeria on Saturday morning. 

The Dutch ship owner, ForestWave issued a statement to say their ship and crew were attacked by pirates on the approach to Port Harcourt. 

In the statement they say based on the information they have it appears several of the crew were taken off the ship by the pirates. 

The company have had "temporary contact" with the crew that are still on board the vessel, but are now in the process of attempting to make further contact with the vessel to confirm the information and move the ship to a safe location. 

The statement goes on to say:

"ForestWave would like to stress that the safety of our seafarers is our absolute priority. The company’s emergency response team has been activated and is monitoring the situation extremely closely. We are currently in close contact with the authorities and taking professional advice in order to secure the earliest release of those that are currently being held. Together with our local representatives in the countries of origin of our valued seafarers we are keeping the families of the FWN Rapide crew informed about the situation."

Going forward the company has said it will not be making any further statements, as the priority is to make sure the safety of the crew is not jeopardised. 

The ship was en route from Takoradi Ghana to Onne Nigeria.

It was boarded in the vicinity of 03°33N 007°02E (approximately 40 nm to the south of BONNY ISLAND, NIGERIA).

ForestWave currently have one vessel a week transiting the West of Africa.  

ARX Maritime are a risk prevention company who have developed a non-lethal anti-boarding barrier to prevent pirates boarding vessels. The barriers are cost-effective, easy to install and provide a visual and physical deterrent. For more information about the barriers contact the ARX team on +44 131 317 0048 or at



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