Posted on August 16, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Nigerian-flagged Oil Products Tanker, SEA VOYAGER caught on fire during the morning hours of August the 15th while anchored off Lagos, Nigeria.

At the time of the incident, the vessel was crewed by 11 seafarers, all Pakistani nationals, who had to be immediately evacuated due to the extent of the fire.

Heavy smoke was seen coming out from the ship’s superstructure and the bridge. The crew members of the Sea Voyager were seen clinging from the ship, as they attempted to escape the flames.

Thankfully the Nigerian Navy vessel, “Ekulu” was operating in the area and immediately dispatched a number of boats in order to evacuate the distressed seafarers.

The crew members of the Sea Voyager were then taken on board the ship and given sustenance and medical attention. Later on, in the afternoon, they were brought to the shore and placed in the care of the Nigerian Navy and their agents, Pak Marine.

In the meantime, the Regional Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (RMRCC) Kirikiri coordinated a number of firefighting teams belonging to different government branches in order to put out the fire.

According to the initial reports, the fire has now successfully been put under control.


Image Courtesy of Vessel Tracker

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