Posted on December 18, 2018 by Ilias Kiritsis

Fire erupted onboard the Mongolian-flagged, general cargo ship, Aventador, at approximately 07:30 am on December the 15th.

The Aventador was anchored at Batuampar anchorage, Riau Islands, Indonesia at the time of the incident.

Allegedly, a crewman had attempted to turn on the ship’s generator, located at the stern of the vessel, when a short circuit caused the generator to explode and an ensuing spark proceeded to ignite the flammable material in the area on fire.  

Quick to respond, the crew of the MV Aventador tried using the extinguishers aboard the ship to put out the fire but were unsuccessful in their attempts.  

The fire then began to spread rapidly across several decks, finally making it to the superstructure, before the Master of the ship was forced to call on the local authorities for help.

Having heard the distress call, navy ships in the area soon arrived at the scene, alongside several tugs and other firefighting vessels.

The fire was successfully extinguished, and the crew of 5 onboard the vessel, all Indonesian nationals, were evacuated by the Riau Regional Police Directorate.

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