Posted on October 15, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

A fire occurred onboard the battery-powered Norwegian Ferry, YTTEROYNINGEN during the evening hours of October the 10th while the vessel was serving the Sydnes-Halsnoy route.

The incident occurred at approximately 18:40 hours, while the vessel was attempting to dock at the town of Sydnes, some 70 kilometres south of Bergen.

Local police and fire departments were immediately dispatched to the scene and attempted to extinguish the fire

It took them the better part of 3 hours to fully put the fire under control. There were 15 people on board the vessel at the time of the incident, two of which had to be hospitalized due to smoke inhalation. The firefighters themselves had to be put under observation for hydrofluoric acid exposure.

However, that was not the end of it. At 7:00 am on the next morning, an explosion shook the ferry, causing considerable damage to the vessel.

According to initial sources, the explosion occurred in the vessel’s battery compartment.

Local authorities proceeded to set a 300-meter wide safety zone around the ship and requested assistance from experts in Bergen.

A team of divers conducted a full investigation of the vessel, during which they discovered unusually high gas levels in the ship’s battery compartment. It took the local teams over 48 to get the gas in the vessel to dissipate.

The damage on the ship has been extensive, and so the ferry has been towed away for repairs in Olen. The repairs are estimated to cost 20 million NOK at minimum; it will take several months before the ferry is back in active duty.

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