Posted on June 13, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

A Filipino crew member aboard the Liberian-flagged Bulk Carrier, Bulk Japan had to be evacuated after suffering a critical injury during an accident.

The incident occurred at approximately 18:00 in the evening of June the 12th, while the vessel was transiting through the Gulf of Tonkin, off the coast of Da Nang, Vietnam.

The crew member in question, 46-year-old Alcarez Peter II Alesna, was working in the cargo hold at the time of the accident and sustained grievous injuries as a result.

Reportedly, he received severe injuries to his spinal column and chest; his right hand was crushed, and he suffered massive blood loss in the process.  

The Master of the vessel immediately contacted the local authorities and turned the ship towards Da Nang.

The Maritime Coordination and Rescue Centre No 2 based off Da Nang immediately dispatched a rescue ship carrying a group of doctors in order to support the injured crew member.

They rendezvoused with the bulk carrier at approximately 22:00 hours. The crewmember was transferred onboard the Search & Rescue vessel and arrived at the Da Ning General Hospital at 01:00 am during the early morning hours of the next day.

The condition of the 46-year old seafarer is considered to be critical and he has been placed in intensive care.


Image Courtesy of Marine Traffic


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