Posted on June 12, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

An explosion rocked the Russian-flagged Oil Products Tanker, VF TANKER 16 during the early morning hours of June the 11th while the vessel was docked at the port of Makhachkala, Russia. As a result of the explosion, five people have been injured and two have died.

The incident occurred at approximately 04:30 am in the morning, while the vessel was berthed near the No. 4 pier.

According to initial reports, the explosion occurred due to a combination of oil gas and air mixture in the ship’s engine room, that happened while the vessel was pumping oil.

Initially, as a result of the explosion, three people went missing and several others were injured.

Russian news agencies have reported that the three missing individuals are now considered dead.

Furthermore, five others have been injured during the explosion, with one man having been transported to hospital in critical condition.

A fire also broke out on the vessel during the incident, with smoke spreading into the accommodation area of the superstructure. However, it was successfully put out by 10:00 am later in the day.

The remaining crewmembers are considered to be in good health.

So far there have been no signs of an oil spill due to the blast. Port traffic hasn’t been affected by the incident.


Image Courtesy of Marine Traffic

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