Posted on October 07, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

An explosion occurred on board the Mexican-flagged Offshore Supply Ship, ISLA CIARI during the early morning hours of October the 6th while the vessel was transiting through the Gulf of Mexico.

The incident took place at approximately 03:49 am in the morning; the vessel had been operating near the AKAL C8 oil platform, located north of Ciudad del Carmen when the explosion occurred.

As a result of the explosion, two crew members were severely injured. The ship proceeded to catch on fire and started drifting.

The two injured seafarers were promptly medevaced by helicopter and transferred to a hospital in Carmen City, Mexico.

Reportedly, one of the crew members is currently in critical condition.

The two injured seafarers have been identified as Francisco Javier Rodriguez and Antonio de Jesus Castro.

Mr. Rodriguez experienced second-degree burns in 45% of his body, as he was caught full-on by the blast, while de Jesus received a number of severe bruises.

According to a statement from the Captaincy of the Regional Port of Islas del Carmen, the fire was extinguished by 06:00 am; the vessel is to be towed to the port of Dos Bocas in Tabasco, Mexico, in order to undergo repairs.

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