Posted on October 28, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Bangladeshi Product Tanker, DESH-I collided with the lighter vessel, CITY-38 during the early morning hours of October the 23rth while at Bangladesh’s Chittagong port.

Following the damaging collision, the tanker’s hull was breached, and tons of diesel oil started spilling into the Karnaphuli River.

According to initial sources, the tanker had been carrying over 1,200 tons of diesel on board at the time of the incident.

Information is still contradictory, but local officials suggest that over 10 tons of fuel have already spilled from the damaged vessel.

Authorities have deployed anti-pollution boats and requested help from local residents in order to cleanse the spill.

As of Saturday morning, at least 8 tons were collected from the surrounding area, but the cleansing operation continues.

The government was quick to act and fined the owners of the tanker over the environmental contamination.Three people, including the Masters of the two vessels, have been arrested over the oil spill and the two ships have been seized.

“Later, the DoE issued a notice to the owner of the errant lighter oil tanker to attend a hearing. The owner of the lighter vessel was fined with Tk3 crore for polluting the environment by spilling heavy fuel oil,” said a local official in a statement to the press.

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