Posted on June 18, 2018 by Hannah Berry

Croatian and Italian rescue agencies have rescued eight crew members from Turkish cargo ship Haksa after it sent a distress call at 04.00am on Sunday 17th June.

The ship was sailing in the Adriatic Sea around 16 nautical miles off Croatia’s Jabuka Island when it started taking on water, which flooded the freighter’s engine room. The captain and four crew members opted to stay on board the vessel during the rescue efforts to prevent the vessel from sinking and allow it to be towed to Brodotrogir shipyard in Trogir for repair.

All evacuated crew members were taken to Split, Croatia by Italian-flagged tanker Valcadorea. The tanker was closes to the troubled vessel at the time of the incident and managed to re-route to evacuate those on board.

The Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia said that initial inspections showed no sign of maritime pollution. However, response teams have been put on standby due to the nature of the cargo on board. Haksa was transporting 3,000 tons of sinter magnesite and contained 70 tons of fuel and lubricant oil when it started taking on water.

The ministry also informed that diver teams have been sent in to examine the ship and to determine the extent of the damages incurred. Reports received show that the ship suffered damages to the rear port side of its hull, which was able to be sealed to stop the vessel taking on additional water.

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