Posted on April 11, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Dutch Hopper Dredger, VOX MAXIMA was detained by the Indonesian Navy on April the 8th, for allegedly dumping waste in Indonesian territorial waters.

The vessel, which had been operating in the Southeast China Sea for a number of years was detained near Galang Island, south of the Singapore Strait.

The KRI Siwar-646, an Indonesian Navy fast response unit came upon the vessel dumping waste during a routine patrol and proceeded to detain the vessel & crew.

Reportedly, the vessel failed to clarify the character and quantity of the dumped waste.

According to the photos released, the waste disposed by the VOX Maxima resembles yellow foam and was released in large quantities.

Initial reports suggest that the Dutch Master of the vessel, and his crew of 15, which includes 6 Dutch, 2 Ukrainian, 1 Polish and 6 Filipino nationals, were arrested until such a time until the investigation concludes.

Officers aboard the KRI Siwar-646 have collected waste samples from the area, which will be examined by the Riau Islands Environmental Agency.

Should their findings confirm that this is indeed a case of illegal dumping, the consequences for the Master & crew could be substantial.

The Captain of the vessel is facing a fine of approximately $21,000 and possible 2-year imprisonment.


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