Posted on June 03, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Panama-flagged Cruise ship MSC Opera collided with the Dutch Cruise ship, River Countess during the morning hours of June the 2nd while trying to berth in the port of Venice.

The accident occurred in the Guidecca Canal, at approximately 08:30 am LT.

The MSC Opera had just arrived from Corfu, Greece and was in the process of manoeuvring into port with the help of two tugs when the ship went out of control.

According to initial reports, the MSC Opera experienced a mechanical problem with its engine telegraph which, apparently got stuck on “ahead thrust”.

The tow-line broke, and the MSC Opera proceeded to crash into the Dutch Cruise ship, River Countess that had been berthed at the Giudecca San Basilo canal.


Despite the fact that the MSC Opera had dropped its anchor, it proceeded to crash against a series of smaller vessels, pushing them along the quay, while continuing to collide with the berth.

The 130 passengers onboard the River Countess proceeded to try and escape the oncoming vessel, by exiting the ship and running along the quay. Unfortunately, however, 5 of them were injured in the process, with one individual being considered to be in a serious condition.

The MSC Opera received extensive damage to its starboard side, from colliding with both the cruise ship and the quay.

On its end, the River Countess suffered substantial damage on Its starboard bow from the collision.

The quay also suffered extensive damage to its structure, with several sections of concrete having broken off during the incident.  

Image Courtesy of Marine Traffic

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