Posted on May 28, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Danish-flagged Container Ship, Naja Arctica collided with a wharf in the morning of May 26th upon arrival to Reykjavik port, Iceland.

The collision occurred at approximately 08:00 am. Reportedly, the vessel was entering the port at increased speed, and hit the pier while attempting to berth.

Instead of making a turn, the vessel sailed directly into the wharf, tearing it apart and rupturing its steel wall with its prow.

The force impact was such, that it destroyed the quay’s steel structure, collapsing part of its surface in the process.

According to the Royal Arctic Lines (RAL), who own the vessel, the ship received minimal damage as a result of collision.

However, the quay itself was substantially damaged, and according to the Reykjavik Port Director, Gisli Hallson, it will be out of commission for more than two months.

This is especially troubling considering that the port only has two berths at the wharf and putting one of them out of commission for such an extended period of time will substantially complicate port operations.

Initial assessments suggest that the damages to the quay are estimated to be well above $100,000 USD.

The Naja Arctica, having received minimal damage during the impact, left the port on the same day, bound for Greenland.


Image Courtesy of Marine Traffic



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