Posted on December 11, 2018 by Ilias Kiritsis

A young officer working onboard the cruise ship, Celebrity Millennium, has been found dead on Thursday, December 6th.

The officer, who by all accounts had committed suicide, has been identified as Anton Ilichev from Ukraine. He was found hanging in his cabin’s bathroom and was declared dead by the ship’s medical staff.

He had been working with Celebrity Millennium as a suite manager for many years and has had several contracts with them. This would have been Anton’s final sailing before the end of his contract, as he was due to disembark in Singapore for a regular vacation.

Anton was reportedly popular, and a well-liked crew member.

Several fellow crew members took the opportunity to comment on the absence of resources for mental health support and counselling for seafarers. 

 “There is no mental support whatsoever in such a difficult environment! Don’t you dare ask the doctor for a day off for simply being mentally exhausted, they’ll tell you that you are free to sign off. Crew members should have the chance for therapy/counceling onboard and should be encouraged to attend! But crew members sadly will always, always be just numbers. Condolences to his family.” A fellow crew member commented.

Mental health is a serious issue and it can have a big impact on seafarers. Months at sea without seeing friends or family can have a detrimental effect on your psychological state.

If you feel stressed and/or are contemplating feelings of suicide, please don’t hesitate to call your local hotline.


National Suicide Prevention lifeline for the UK




Image Courtesy of Marine Traffic

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